Frequently Asked Questions

After providing email support for VB Shaped Form Creator for over a year now I have compiled a list of the questions I am most often asked by email. Try looking here before asking me, as if you ask me one of these questions, I will probably just refer you back to the FAQ.

How do I add a menu to my shaped form?

There is no icon next to the shaped form's title in the taskbar. How do I add one?

How do I add Close and Minimize buttons to my shaped form?

When I unload a shaped form it leaves an 'imprint' on the background behind it until a window is moved over and off it. How do I make it refresh automatically on unloading?

When I display my form on another PC (which has a different large fonts/small fonts setting to the one it was created on) my background picture appears smaller/larger than it should. How can I stop this happening?

When using the code produced for C++ I get a fatal error C1010: unexpected end of file while looking for precompiled header directive

What support does VB Shaped Form Creator have for the .net development platform?

Please Note: This FAQ is all included the help file of VBSFC versions 5.9 and above, so if you are having trouble copying and pasting code from here, try the helpfile instead.