F.A.Q. - VB Shaped Form Creator .net support

VB Shaped Form Creator 7.0 supports C# .net form classes directly, and is able to save and modify these files. There is no current support for VB.Net or other .net langugages (and no current plans for it either).

However, thanks to John Risby, I can offer a VB.net module capable of reading VBSFC generated data files and producing a .net Region from them. This can then be applied to any VB.net form.

I have also recieved a C# module for reading data files from Matt Theule which can be applied to any C# form. Download either of these here:

Description File Name Size Version
VB.net data file reader "VBSFCRegionData.vb" 2K 1.00
C# data file reader "clsFormShape.cs" 4K 1.00