VB Shaped Form Creator Changelog

Version 7.03 is another bug-fixing release. See the Readme.txt for details.

Version 7.02 is a maintenance release offering improved stability and fewer bugs than the 7.0 release.

Version 7.0 adds full C# (.net) support (Saving, Reading and Modifying C# .net form classes). There are also some improvements to the UI and usability issues, and needless to say, some bug fixes too. It uses a new version of the toolbar control, which should make it more stable. The feature requested buttons to flip polygon shapes vertically and horizontally have also been added.

Version 6.0 adds three extra formats that VBSFC can save to and read - Delphi (version 2) forms, a binary data file format which is significantly smaller than any form file, and a C++ .cpp file which contains a function to generate a region of the shape drawn. Also included with this version is a form animation utility which can be used to create animated shaped forms. There is also a new Preview view which shows the background picture clipped to the current shape, which shows how the form will look once generated, and a Copy as Bitmap function which does the same as the Save to Bitmap, only instead of saving to a file places the picture on the clipboard.

Version 5.9 fixes another couple of bugs and adds a new Edge Tracer method. This is more of a shape-fill rather than an edge-trace, as it fills the bitmap with rectangles to build up the shape, rather than outlining it with polygons (Thanks to Chad for the idea). This may be less efficient, but if a particular bitmap is proving troublesome for the other two methods, then select this option. (Find it by pressing the "Options" button in the Edge Tracer window).

Version 5.8 is mostly a service release - it fixes some very minor bugs. It also includes a Tip of The Day, and Copy and Paste buttons for editing shapes. It uses the new version 1,0,6,4 of ActBar.ocx

Version 5.6 has many new features, the most obvious of which being the redesigned interface. In addition to this, if you open a form its size and the positions and sizes of all the controls on it are shown as the background picture. The graphical editor now supports clicking on a shape to select it. There is also a Paste Background Picture command, and a Paste Bitmap to Edge Trace (in addition to load from file). There are also some minor bug fixes. Also, there has been a price increase. For commercial use this software now costs 30$ (free upgrade for registered users of previous versions). I feel that all the new features added since the original release of the software are worth the extra 10$. If you don't, and would like to complain, please direct your complaints to oblivion@bottomless.pit, and they will be taken into full consideration :-)

Version 4.1 now includes a toolbar to complement the menu features. There are only cosmetic improvements from version 4.0 to version 4.1

New for version 4.0 is the Graphical Editor. This feature allows you to use the mouse to edit the shapes drawn, including adding, removing and moving polygon points. Other changes include tooltips and What's This? help for all controls, an "Add All" command for the edge tracer, and a couple of minor bug fixes. The code produced has also been modified. The forms are now resizable (handling the resizing manually), and the 64K limit VB imposes on functions is bypassed. This is also the first version to be compiled under Visual Basic version 6. As such, it now requires the VB6 runtimes instead of the VB4 runtimes as in previous versions to run. Please note: VBSFC does NOT require ANY runtimes to be distributed for the form code produced. No OCX's, DLL's, DAT's, SYS's or any files at all, in fact. All that will be required are whatever ocx's, runtimes, etc. that your own programming requires.

New for version 3.1 is form scaling. Now if the user is using large fonts, and the developer is not, or the other way round, the form now scales itself in proportion, so that controls on the form are not out of position. See the readme.txt for more details about this and the other changes made in this version.

New for version 3.0 is a new edge tracing algorithm, Snap/Grid support, recently used files list and some bug-fixes

New for version 2.3 is VB5 form creation (in addition to VB4) and Undo/Redo support.