The Interface - VB Shaped Form Creator Screen Shots

The toolbars interface is completely customisable; menus and buttons are interchangable, and can appear on the same toolbar. New toolbars can be created with whatever commands you like on them. Buttons can be removed or added from existing toolbars and menus. New menus can be created using either existing toolbars, or new toolbars ready to have commands added to them. All toolbars (including the menu bar) can be docked to any side of the drawing area, or floating free. Interface configurations can be saved and loaded, allowing you to share any particularly good configuration you make with other users. The screen shots below are shown using the default configuration.

The main window, drawing a form shape:

Note the floating zoom window at the bottom right, and the dotted outline of the controls on the VB form.

The main window in edit mode:

The polygon (higlighted in green) is the current shape being edited.

The Edge Tracer:

The Edge Tracer has had similar treatment to the main window, although you can not create menus or save the layout as a custom file (your most recent layout will be saved as EDefault.lyt, and your first as EOriginal.lyt).