ScriptSmith is a plain text editor designed specifically for editing plain text source code which does have its own editing environment, often known as scripts. JavaScript, for example. Although it is entirely possible to use notepad, or any other plain text editor for writing scripts, ScriptSmith provides a dedicated environment with context-sensitive features designed to make life easier for the script author, such as AutoComplete.

ScriptSmith is not designed for beginners, or as a hand-holding device to quickly insert pre-written scripts. There are no wizards, and no libraries of hundreds of scripts which can be customized to your use. There is plenty of other software which does this very well already. ScriptSmith is designed for those writing their own scripts, with a working knowledge of the language they are writing in.

ScriptSmith features Syntax Highlighting, context pop-up information, and context pop-up AutoComplete object tree. While typing an object that has properties, methods, events, or sub-objects, these will appear in a pop-up AutoComplete listbox. Often a single letter is sufficient to specify the whole property or method name, and mistyping is drastically reduced. Also, while typing a function or method, the parameters and syntax for the function are displayed in a tooltip. This is best shown by example - I would recommend taking a look at the Pictures page.

ScriptSmith is extendable, it includes a template editor to allow the creation of new templates for different script languages, or the updating of the existing scripts. Templates emailed to me will be posted on the Download page of this site, with author credits.

ScriptSmith also provides support for Context Help references, allowing you to press F1 on a keyword to recieve help on it. This feature requires a Reference file for the script, which are also made available from the Download page.