Play List Editor Format Files Download

This is currently a very short list, but if you want any formats added then send me a sample play list, and I will add it. Or send me the .reg file for inclusion here, if you like. The format for a .reg file for use as a file format file can be found here.

To install all the formats on a fresh installation of the play list editor, i.e. you have not made or downloaded any formats yet, download the "All.reg" File, and double click on it to add the formats (it will say "successfully merged into registry"). If you have already got any formats from whichever source then you must download the format files separately. To install one of these, double click on it. Note that only one can be installed at a time, if you try to install more than one before running the File Format Manager in the play list editor (to do this press the button in the main screen). If you install more than one before doing this then only the most recently installed will be recognised. You will have to install the less recently installed ones again.

Please email me if you wish to comment on this program, or to send in any bug reports or suggestions.