MIDI Cycle Readme

This program should be very simple to use. At the top of the window the current file playing is displayed, or, if there is no file, it will display "No Play List Loaded". At the lower right of the window there three options. Which option of these is selected determines what is displayed in the rest of the window.


When this option is selected the window will show a slider which will control the speed at which the text in the window will scroll. At the slowest setting it will not scroll at all. There is also a checkbox for displaying the full path name for the currently playing file, as opposed the default of displaying only the file name. Lastly there is a button which allows loading, saving and editing of play lists. Editing Play Lists


When this option is selected the window will simply show controls for playback of the MIDI files. The buttons are, from left to right: "Previous file in play list", "Play", "Pause", "Stop", "Next file in play list".


This just shows that I wrote it. Well I had to put it in somewhere!

Editing Play Lists

In the play list editing window there is a list representation of the currently loaded play list on the left of the window, and control buttons on the right of the window. Working from the top: "Open List" will load a previously saved .mcl play list. "Save List" will save the currently loaded list in .mcl format. "Add" will add a MIDI file to the currently loaded list. "Remove" will remove the selected file from the currently loaded list. "Clear" will remove all the files from the currently loaded list. The "Up" and "Down" arrows allow the re-ordering of the currently loaded list. The files will be played in the order they are displayed.


When MIDI cycle starts it will first check to see if it has been started with the command line "reset". For example "C:\Program Files\MIDI Cycle.exe reset" typed into the Run dialog box. If it finds that this is the case it will reset its settings in the registry where it saves the windows position and the default play list to load.

If it does not find "reset" it will then check if there is anything else on the command line. If there is it will assume it is an .mcl play list (either dragged onto the icon, or .mcl files are associated with MIDI Cycle and has been double clicked), and will try to load it.

Uninstalling MIDI Cycle

Firstly, to remove the settings written to the registry delete the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\MIDI Cycle" key. Or, if you are not completely confident about editing the registry, download my registry setting removal tool, and type "MIDI Cycle" into the text box, then press remove.

Secondly simply delete all the files you had to download from here that are not used by other programs. That would be the application executable (MIDI Cycle.exe), and any of the system files that you did not have before and had to download. Sometimes other programs installed after this one may use the system files, so back them up before deleting, and if something else says it can't find them, then you can restore those it needs.

If you get into any problems removing this program then you can email me, but it should be straightforward.

Please email me if you wish to comment on this program, or to send in any bug reports or suggestions.