MIDI Cycle

I am sure there are many of these floating about the place, so I will try to explain why I wrote another one. Firstly it seems that everybody else got one free with their sound card, and I didn't, so I thought I would copy one from someone who got one with their soundcard (shhh, don't tell. Just in case: "We made sure only one of us was using it at any one time by a careful time sharing agreement"). Anyway, after using it for a couple of days I realised that it had many undesirable features. In fact the only thing it had in its favour was that it would play a list of files, rather than a single one like Media Player. It only displayed truncated file names: "Intheh~1.rmi", and if the path was long enough you would not see then end: "C:\Files\Music\Inth|". It would also not allow the saving of play lists, so I was limited to only one list. So I got rid of it, and decided to write my own. And here it is. It shows full file names, with the option of displaying the path, and will scroll the text if it will not fit in the window, and will allow the saving of play lists. And here it is, in case anyone else has decided that the program which came with their soundcard is unsatisfactory. The files are zipped, so if you don't have an unzipper yet then GET ONE. Try WinZip.

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Description File Name Size Version
Main Executable "Midi Cycle.exe" 12.6K 1.01
Media Control OCX "MCI32.ocx" 43K 1.0.0102
Rich Text Box OCX "RichTx32.ocx" 35K 1.0.0046
3D Controls OCX "Threed32.ocx" 73K 1.0.0041
Common Dialog OCX "ComDlg32.ocx" 56K 5.00.3828
Common Controls OCX "ComCtl32.ocx" 225K 5.00.3828
OLE Property Support "OlePro32.dll" 13K 5.0.4055
Visual Basic Runtime "Vb40032.dll" 381K 4.00.2924
C Runtime "Msvcrt40.dll" 319K 4.10.6038
Foundation Classes Library "MFC40.dll" 148K 4.1.6139

Please email me if you wish to comment on this program, or to send in any bug reports or suggestions.