Spamihilator Plugins

These are plugins I have written for for the Spamihilator anti-spam filter. All installers work for both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Spamihilator, and will automatically install the correct version of the plugin to match.

Misnamed Filter

This filter is designed to detect spam emails which have been sent to valid email addresses, but using the wrong display names. For example, if an email is addressed to "Richard Meyer" <> then it is very likely to be spam (unless your name is Richard Meyer, of course!).

The filter is capable of learning the valid display names for addresses, based on the non-spam emails learnt through the training area, and can also be manually configured using regular expressions to exactly specify your email addresses and valid display names for them.

Download: MisnamedFilter-0.7.exe

Source Code:

Support: Forum topic

Trust SpamAssassin Headers

This filter is designed to look for the X-Spam-Status header, which is set by SpamAssassin, and uses the values found there to determine whether the email is spam or not. This is useful when your mail server or ISP is running SpamAssassin.

It differentiates between negative, positive but uncertain, and positive spam indication scores, both for vanilla SpamAssasin headers, and those produced by the cPanel 11 hosting software suite.

Download: TrustSpamAssassinHeaders-0.5.exe

Source Code:

Support: Forum topic

Outgoing Friends

This isn't technically a plugin, but does interact with Spamihilator anyway. It's purpose is to watch outgoing emails, and add the addresses to which they are sent to Spamihilator's Friends list, so that emails sent from people who you send emails to are never marked as spam.

EmailRelay is used to provide SMTP Proxying functionality.

Download: OutgoingFriends-0.7.exe

(Source code is included as an option in the installer)

Support: Forum topic

Please email me if you wish to comment on these plugins, or to send in any bug reports or suggestions.