Miscellaneous Foobar2000 Utilities

These are a collection of utilties for the Foobar2000 music player, and associated programs

Album Art Downloader XUI

Album Art Downloader XUI is a re-write of Album Art Downloader, which took over from the original CoverDownloader tool when development was stopped on it. It is a graphically rich WPF application for downloading album art. For more information, see the forum topic, or the SourceForge project page. This is an open source project, so if you think you could contribute, please do get in touch.

All scripts I had written for CoverDownloader have been updated and included in Album Art Downloader XUI. They can also be accessed through the online updates page for it.

Foobar Configuration File Installer Toolkit

This toolkit is intended to assist foobar configuration authors in packaging their work for distribution. It is based on NSIS, and will produce an executable setup file which will install the config file and supporting images, fonts and components to the user's Foobar installation. It can download and install components from remote locations, in order to avoid restrictions on re-distribution of components for those components whose license restricts that.

Latest version: 2007-02-11 v0.0.4

Download: FoobarConfigInstaller.zip

Foobar Configuration File Tools

These tools are intended to assist with manipulating the foobar2000 configuration file, foobar2000.cfg. This file is in a proprietary binary format, and is therefore difficult to edit or even view normally. Furthermore, it has a checksum embedded within it to make editing it impossible. The FooCfgToXml tool will take a binary config file and produce an XML file from it. This XML file is a complete description of its contents, and can be edited by any XML or plain text editor. The same tool can then take that XML file and re-create a binary config file from it. Because this binary config will not contain a valid checksum, the tool's third function is to patch the foobar executable so that it ignores the checksum when loading config files. Additional tools are provided as a convenience to help with common manipulations of the XML file, but as the format is now open and readable it is hoped that others will develop further scripts, transforms or tools to work with it.

Latest version: 2007-04-21 v0.0.4.1

Download: FooCfgToXml.zip

Advanced Foobar Configuration File Installer Toolkit

This script is additional code for the Foobar Configuration File Installer Toolkit that adds integration with the Foobar Configuration File Tools. It means that some of the tools need to be shipped with the installer, and the user's Foobar patched at install time so that it can read the modified configuration files, but it does add several very useful features to the installer:

If the user is using a version of foobar that the patcher can't patch, it will fall back to the standard installation model of replacing the entire config file. All management of conversion to and from XML of the config file, and filtering component settings, is handled automatically at installer build time.

Latest version: 2007-02-11 v0.0.4

Download: AdvancedConfigInstall.nsh

Please email me if you wish to comment on this program, or to send in any bug reports or suggestions.