WinAmp Skins

This page wants to be a collection of WinAmp skins I have designed, however as I have only created two to date, it is rather less of a collection than it ought to be. Nevertheless, here they are:

Click on the images to download the zip file containing the skins. To install, simply unzip into your WinAmp\Skins folder. Make sure you have the "Use Folder Names" option enables (in WinZip), or the equivalent command in your unzipper program to recrate zip file directory structure. If you do not have an unzipper I would recommend WinZip.

Yes, this is transparent, as it appears here. Using the transparent region definition available in WinAmp version 1.91 the skin appears exactly as shown, with whatever is underneath it showing through. It is not just visibly transparent, but actively too, as if you click on any of the transparent areas it is whatever is underneat that recieves the click. All the 3D looking buttons and stuff press down when you click on them. Now WinAmp 2.04 compatible.
This is my first skin. It was intended to fit in with the Windows 95 default colour scheme, but with a gradient filled title bar as in Office 95. Also, when in windowshade mode it will hide within the title bar of the active window (assuming you have the windowshade docker plugin from Nullsoft) as can be seen here in the picture below:

Both of these skins were created using Paint Shop Pro. The transparent skin was created in Version 5, and the other in Version 4.12. I also used Eye Candy by Alien Skin to create the 3D effects in the transparent skin. The transparancy information was created using my Winamp Transparancy Tracer.

Please email me if you wish to comment on this program, or to send in any bug reports or suggestions.