ToolTips (ActiveX Control)

This control lets you display ToolTips when, where, and how you want. A single control will handle unlimited multiple tooltips, identified by a string tipID. ToolTips can be customized for text, colour, font, size, position and behaviour. They can automatically time out, or be unloaded manually. Events are fired for mouse actions and the unloading of a tooltip. ToolTips for which size is not specified will autosize to the text content, those for which position is not specified will appear next to the mouse pointer.

The control itself only has colour, font and behaviour properties. All other settings are individual for tooltips, and are set as optional parameters for the ShowToolTip method, which displays a new tooltip returning its tipID. Parameters of an exisiting ToolTip can be changed using the ChangeToolTip method. A ToolTip can be unloaded manually by using the UnloadToolTip method, or a TimeOut parameter (in milliseconds) can be passed to the ShowToolTip method. Mouse events are handled with an extra tipID parameter to denote the tooltip that generated them, and also a ToolTipUnload event.

For more information including syntax details and behavioural details see the enclosed help file, or once loaded click F1 on any method or property of the control.

This control is available as compiled under both Visual Basic 6 and Visual Basic 5 (thanks to Mr. Lung for recompiling under VB5). If you are using VB5 then download the VB5 version which requires the VB5 runtimes instead of the VB6 runtimes.

Files available for Download:

Description File Name Size Version
avToolTips Control "avToolTips.ocx" and "avToolTips.hlp" 36.7K 1.1
avToolTips Control for VB5 "avToolTips5.ocx" and "avToolTips.hlp" 35.6K 1.0
Property Page Support (not needed for Visual Basic) "Msstkprp.dll" 37.2K 6.00.8169
Visual Basic 6 Runtimes (not needed for VB 6) "Vbrun60.exe" 973K SP3

Please email me if you wish to comment on this program, or to send in any bug reports or suggestions.