PSP Browser File Manager



PSP Browser File Manager is a utility which will allow you to view all the .jbf files in your Paint Shop Pro folder, but instead of displaying their unhelpful filenames, it will display the folder to which they point.

You may still be asking 'What's the point?', so if you have a look at your Paint Shop Pro folder, and there are no files with names similar to 143235.jbf, then read no further as there is very little point to this program. If you do use the browser with the 'Save thumbnails to disk' option turned on, and you look at pictures on CD, then you will most likely see a large collection of these meaningless numbers.

Many CD's you will use time and time again, and so it is advantageous to leave these thumbnail files on disk, as this will greatly speed up retrieval times. There are, however, many CD's which you will only need or want to use once, but they too will leave thumbnail files on disk. It is not easy to delete these files, as they will be called filenames such as 34123.jbf, which are not easily distinguishable from the ones which you do want to keep, such as 21345.jbf. This utility will display the folder to which the file points rather than the number, and allow you to delete the ones you no longer want.


Download any of these files you do not already have. The files are zipped, so if you don't have an unzipper yet then GET ONE. Try WinZip.

Description File Name Size Version
Main Executable "PSPMan.exe" 6.2K 1.1
Visual Basic Runtime "Vb40032.dll" 381K 4.00.2924
OLE Property Support "OlePro32.dll" 13K 5.0.4055

Using PSP Browse File Manager

Using PSP Browser File Manager is very simple. First select the folder which contains Paint Shop Pro, or the .jbf files you wish to view in the File List box, using the Folder List box, and the Drive List box. To access these click the Folder button. Your choice of folder will be stored under the PSPMan.ini file, and will be restored next time you use PSP Browser File Manager.

The File List box will then display the folders to which the files point to. Select the files you wish to delete (multiple selections are permitted), and click the Delete button. You will be asked to confirm your selection, and the filenames of the selected files will displayed. If you confirm, the files you have selected will be deleted.

Note: This does not mean sent to the Recycle Bin, it means Deleted.


Simply delete all the files you had to download from here that are not used by other programs. That would be the application executable (PSPMan.exe), and any of the system files that you did not have before and had to download. Sometimes other programs installed after this one may use the system files, so back them up before deleting, and if something else says it can't find them, then you can restore those it needs. Also remove the PSPMan.ini file, which should be in the same folder as the PSPMan.exe files.

If you get into any problems removing this program then you can email me, but it should be straightforward.

Please email me if you wish to comment on this program, or to send in any bug reports or suggestions.