Message Box Generator

This program generates code to display a Message Box within Visual Basic 4. It may also work within other versions of Visual Basic, I don't know. It features WYSIWYG creation, an intuitive interface, optional comment line as a reminder of the values returned by the message box, and the returned value can be assigned to any variable from the interface. The program offers a preview of the message box, and then allows the code to be copied into Visual Basic.

This program should be simple to use as it works on a WYSIWYG basis. Inside the main window is an editable preview of a message box. Simply click on the bit you wish to change, and change it. The icon can be changed by using the scroll bar to the right of it, the title text is editable in the normal way, as is the message text. The message text is multi-line, so to insert a line break, press Shift + Enter. If there are no line breaks Windows will automatically wrap the text depending on the area of the screen. To change the buttons simply click on them. If a button is on the message box, and is clicked, it will be removed. If it is not on the message box it will be in a row beneath it, and when clicked will be placed onto the box. To set the default button click the option box beneath the desired button. This button will have the focus when the message box is displayed, and will be pressed if the user presses Enter or Space.

Once the message box is set up, press the preview button to see how it will appear in your program, then set the variable name to whatever you want (it is "Result" by default), and whether or not you want a comment (REM) line, then press "Clip". The code will be copied to the clipboard, and the Message Box Generator will be minimised. Then paste the code into the appropriate place in your program.

I am going to assume that if you want this program, you have Visual Basic, and so will not be needing any of the runtimes, but if you do need to download them then you can get them from one of my other program pages. If you did not get here from my home page then click here to get to it.

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Please email me if you wish to comment on this program, or to send in any bug reports or suggestions.