Lights Out

This is a puzzle game which involves pressing coloured buttons in order to change all of them to the same colour. The buttons will change colour when you press them, from on to off, then back to on again, but with the one catch that they also flip the four adjoining buttons at the same time. This may sound easy, and indeed at the easiest setting it is, but once you move up through the levels this game can provide a real challenge.

For those of you who already know the Tiger hand held game Lights Out, this game is played in much the same way, except there are 3 differences to my version. The first is that the levels are randomly produced according to the set difficulty level, rather than pre-designed. This leads to more scope for game play, but unfortunately, due to the random nature of the generation, the occasional stupidly simple puzzle. But that does not really matter, as you can simply regenerate a new one.

As with all the programs available here there is no install program, and all the files are available separately here, so only those you don't already have need to be downloaded. If you find that there is a problem running the program, and the file here is a later version than yours, then try downloading the appropriate file from here. Oh yes, and the files are zipped, so if you don't have an unzipper yet then GET ONE. Try WinZip.

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Description File Name Size Version
Main Executable "Lights Out.exe" 43K 4.00
Common Controls OCX "ComCtl32.ocx" 231K 6.00.8022
Visual Basic 6 Runtimes "Vbrun60.exe" 973K SP3

Please email me if you wish to comment on this program, or to send in any bug reports or suggestions.