Visual Basic Library

This is a collection of .bas files and demos of interest to Visual Basic programmers. The code is commented, which should explain how to use it, but if there is any problem then email me at the address given at the bottom of the page. As already stated on the home page, you are free to use these in your own programs on the single condition that if you decide to give them to someone else, then don't say that you did them yourself, let them know where you got them, so they can come back to check for updates, or email me with problems or requests. Of course if you use them in your program, and can't resist the urge to give me credit in the about box, I would not object!

This written by my friend Stavros Korokithakis

These two are from the VBNet website, but I have kindly been given permission to include them here:

I have also been asked to make available a library containing many useful windows functions that was sent to me by Dobie Wollert (comments and questions on this library to please). There are functions for making a form stay on top, hiding and showing the taskbar and individual components of the taskbar, waiting for a specified time, hiding the forms titlebar, preventing your app from being closed, disabling Alt-Ctrl Delete, shutting down windows, gradient fill, and others. Download WinFunctions.bas, I am sure you will find something useful in it.

Please email me if you wish to comment on this program, or to send in any bug reports or suggestions.