HyperLink Label (ActiveX Control)

This is a label control designed to hold behave as a hyperlink. It has separate Caption and URL properties, can receive the focus (with a focus outline rectangle) to respond to keyboard selection (use Space or Enter to execute the link) and will optionally display MouseOver behaviour. An Error event is raised if the URL could not be executed, otherwise the user's default broswer (or mail client) is launched to the URL specified.

This control supports most of the standard label features including 3D and Flat borders and AutoSizing. It is not, however, a windowless control like the label control and so can not be transparent. It can, however, have a background picture and colour, and can recieve the focus, which windowless controls can't.

If the AlwaysHover property is set to false then the control will respond to the mouse being over the control by switching to the HoverColour and HoverFont settings, then back to the ForeColour and Font settings when the mouse leaves. If AlwaysHover is true then the HoverColour and HoverFont settings are always used. In both cases the mouse pointer changes to a finger hyperlink pointer to indicate that it is a live link.

The URL property contains the link to be executed, which can be a web address (http://something) or an email link (mailto://someone@somewhere). This is executed using ShellExecute with the "open" action, so could be used for other commands.

Files available for Download:

Description File Name Size Version
HyperLink Label Control "avHyperLink.ocx" 22.7K 1.02
Property Page Support (not needed for Visual Basic) "Msstkprp.dll" 37.2K 6.00.8169
Visual Basic 6 Runtimes (not needed for VB 6) "Vbrun60.exe" 973K SP3

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