File Flags Generator

This program generates the Flags property for the Open and Save boxes using the Common Dialog control of Visual Basic 4. It may work with other versions, I don't know. The options I think will always be used are built in to the code, which are the "Use Explorer-type dialog" (&H8000) and "Use long file names" (&H200000). The other options are available as checkboxes. When the desired options are selected, simply copy the number and paste it into the files property, or your code, or wherever you need it.

I am going to assume that if you want this program, you have Visual Basic, and so will not be needing any of the runtimes, but if you do need to download them then you can get them from one of my other program pages. If you did not get here from my home page then click here to get to it. (2.9K) (1.3K)

Please email me if you wish to comment on this program, or to send in any bug reports or suggestions.