CopyPath is a small utility written in C++ (doesn't require any runtimes) which copies whatever is sent to its command line to the clipboard. If it is run with nothing on the command line then it will provide a handy setup dialog which will let you configure it to appear as an option on the right-click context menus of files and/or folders in Windows Explorer.

When CopyPath is selected from a right-click context menu it will copy the path (including filename) of the item clicked onto the clipboard. If you can't see the point, then fair enough, don't download it. For the rest of us, who have ever been frustrated by staring at a file in Windows Explorer and just wanted to say "That one!" to whatever 'Open File' window or 'Program Location' settings text box is asking you to browse for (or even type in!) yet another deeply buried file.

NOTE: On newer versions of Windows with UAC turned on, in order to install or uninstall CopyPath, it must be run elevated. To do this, right click on CopyPath and choose "Run As Administrator". This is only required for installation or uninstallation, not for regular use.

I have also made available a similar thing for Internet Explorer. If you install this then it will add an item to the IE right click menu called, unsurprisingly, Copy Path. This will copy the URL of the *frame* clicked on to the clipboard. This will not be the same URL as is displayed in the address bar if the site uses frames. To download this IE extension click the CopyPath for IE link in the download section. Installation instructions are included in the zip file.

Files available for Download:

Description File Name Size Version
Installation (includes Readme) "" 12K 1.00
Readme Documentation "CopyPathReadme.txt" 2K 1.00
CopyPath for IE "" 2K 1.00

Please email me if you wish to comment on this program, or to send in any bug reports or suggestions.