AutoRun Control

This program was written because I have mixed feelings about the AutoRun feature of Windows 95. With some CD-ROMs I think "Yes, I want to put it in, and have it start for me", but there are other times, maybe even with the same CD-ROMs where it is more along the lines of "NO, NO, NO, all I wanted to do was copy this ONE FILE and you start with your setup routine without even asking me!". I have found all the suggested ways of turning off AutoRun permanently, temporarily, and just for audio or data CD's, but it is a bit of a hassle to do any of them just for a few CD's you want to look at. The holding down shift would be good if it worked properly, but I always find that I hold down shift, and nothing happens. Great! Then I let go of shift, and the damn thing starts playing. So anyway, if you love AutoRun just the way it is, then what are you here for anyway? Otherwise, try this, I hope you will like it.

NOTE: This software is now obsolete. It was written along time ago, for Windows 95. It still works under 98, but notunder Windows XP. I am leaving it here mostly for historicalinterest, as I doubt many people are using Windows 95 or 98 anymore!

I would recommend using TweakUI to change AutoRunbehaviour under Windows XP. There's a guide on how to do this at WikiHow.

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Description File Name Size Version
Main Executable "AutoRun Control.exe" 15.9K 1.02
Visual Basic Runtime "Vb40032.dll" 381K 4.00.2924
OLE Property Support "OlePro32.dll" 13K 5.0.4055

Please email me if you wish to comment on this program, or to send in any bug reports or suggestions.