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Tutorial 2: REG Registry files

Introducing menus and multiple actions

In this tutorial we will be adding a new extension to SmartOpen to associate .reg files with it, then instructing it to display a menu offering the choice of merging the information into the registry, or opening it with notepad for viewing and editing.

For this tutorial I will assume you have read Tutorial 1. First add the new .reg extension to SmartOpen, and add a * condition to it. When you create this condition choose to display the actions in a menu. If you forgot to do this before pressing OK, remember you can always edit a condition by clicking on it and pressing the Edit Button. Add to the * condition two new actions. The first should have a name similar to Merge with a command line of regedit.exe %1, and the second a name similar to Edit, with a command line of notepad.exe %1. Now whenever any .reg file is double clicked, rather than immediately merging the information to the registry as per windows default, a menu will appear with the two actions you have created: Merge and Edit. Note that if you want to include an underlined shortcut key, use the & character in front of the appropriate letter, for example if you had given the merge action the name &Merge, the menu would show Merge.

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