All reference documents are included in the SmartOpen help file


Conditions are the middle level object in SmartOpen. They appear as children of Extension objects in the Display Box. Their direct child objects are Actions. They have two properties; their condition and their method of performing actions. The method can be to perform all actions, or to display a menu of the available actions allowing the choice of a single action to perform. The condition is a combination of characters and wildcards (* and ?) that must be matched to the filename and path for the actions associated with it to be executed. The * means 'any characters, or none'. The ? means 'any single character, but not none'. For example, c:\my documents\my file.doc would match *file.doc and *documents*, but not my file*. It would match *\my file* or *my fil?.*, but not *my file?.*

To add a condition, double click on the [Add New Condition] item beneath the desired extension in the Display Box, or select any existing condition associated with it and click the Add Button. There are two properties to be set for a condition object, its condition, and its action performance method. To set its condition, type it into the condition box. To set its action performance method select it from the two options below.

To expand a condition to view the actions associated with it, click the + sign next to it, or double click it.

To remove a condition select it and press the Delete Button, or the Del key on the keyboard.