Download SmartOpen

SmartOpen is written in Visual Basic 6, and consequently requires the Visual Basic 6runtimes in order to work. You may well already have these on your system, so I have included the files here for seperate download, as they are fairly large. I have also displayed the version number. If SmartOpen fails to run, or produces an error message when run then check to see if you have an older version of the file than is provided here. If you do, you can download this one.

If you have problems downloading, installing, or using SmartOpen then try the online technical support page.

Description File Name Size Version
SmartOpen "" 60K
Common Controls OCX "ComCtl32.ocx" 230K 6.00.8022
Visual Basic Runtime "Vbrun60.exe" 973K SP3

All the files are .zip compressed. If you do not have an unzipper, try WinZip

Installation instructions

(These are included in readme.txt)

After you have downloaded, extract all the contents into the folder where you want it installed, c:\program files\accessories\SmartOpen for example. If you had to download the Visual Basic Runtime files (, this should be unzipped and executed BEFORE running SmartOpen. If you had to download then this should be extracted into your windows\system folder.

Once all the files are in place, you can run SmartOpen. This will add an entry to the "Add/Remove Programs" list in the Control Panel for the easy uninstallation of SmartOpen (see uninstall section). No shortcuts are placed on the start menu, allowing you to manually create whichever shortcuts you want wherever you want them. If you want to create a shortcut to Uninstall the command line is SmartOpen.exe /uninstall.


Use the "Add/Remove Programs" icon in the Control Panel and select "SmartOpen" from the list. You will be prompted to confirm, then SmartOpen will remove all its associations and settings from the registry. Once it has done this, you can then delete the folder where you installed SmartOpen, and any shortcut icons you created.