VB Shaped Form Creator Survey

Please fill out the form below to take part in the survey. You do not have to answer all the questions, and you can be anonymous if you prefer.

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Q1: Where did you find out about / download VB Shaped Form Creator?

Q2: Which file did you download?

Full Install file
Install file without runtimes
Install file without runtimes or demos
Upgrade Install file
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Q3: Were there any problems downloading?

Q4: Do you understand / know about the licence agreement for use of this software?


Q5: If you answered no for Q4, then the agreement is that it is free for non-commercial use (i.e. if you are producing freeware, or software for your own personal use), but for commercial use (anything which involves you getting any money for the software you use VBSFC to help write), you are required to register for 30$. Now that you know, and hopefully understand, if you were to want to use it for commercial use, would you register? (please be honest here; I will not moan, complain, sue, or even mention it again if you say no, but it would help my statistics to know!)


Q6: What (if anything) do you dislike about VBSFC?

Q7: What (if anything) do you like about VBSFC?

Q8: What would you like to see in future releases?

Q9: Do you have any other comments?

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